Fingerprints & Background Checks

Fingerprints & Background Checks

We do electronic fingerprints and background checks in our office.  We do offer mobile services for groups within a reasonable distance from our office.  Please contact 614-863-5800 to discuss that option.

We can do BCI, FBI, or Both.  (You might also see or hear it referred to as a WebCheck)

Who can have a BCI (The Bureau of Criminal Investigation) background check? 

Anyone, for any reason, and results can be mailed anywhere.

People applying for a motor vehicle dealers license must have a BCI check done and have the results sent to the BMV.  This requirement also applies to anyone the dealership hires as a sales person. 

The State of Ohio also requires a BCI check for:

Firefighter/EMT applicants, Ohio Treasurer of State employees, Ohio Department of Commerce, management of a bank, management of a licensee for a financial institution, mortgage loan originator license, registration as a mortgage broker, license as a loan officer, management of a credit union, temporary care of a juvenile, child care, foster parents, adoptive parents, headstart agency, preschool program, licensure with Ohio Dept of Education, school employees, school bus driver, home health agency, hospice care program, hazardous waste environmental background investigations, Ohio Racing Commission, Ohio Lottery Commission, Ohio Casino Control Commission, medical marijuana (owners, officers, board members of cultivators, processors, and testing labs or dispensaries), lecense to sell insurance through the Ohio Dept of Insurance, Ohio Division of Liquor Control, State Dental Board license, Board of Embalmers and funeral directors license, Nurses (RN’s, LPN’s, dialysis techs, students entering nursing or dialysis), Ohio Optical Dispensers, State Board of Optometry license, State Board of Pharmacy License, Pharmacy technician, physician’s assistant certificate, State Medical Board, massage therapy and cosmetic surgery, State Board of Psychology license, State Chiropractic Board license, Ohio Construction Industry license, Veterinary Medical Board license, license for a private investigator or security guard, employment as private investigator/security guard, Ohio occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic trainers board license, Ohio Board of Dietetics license, counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapists license, anesthesiologist assistant certificate, Ohio respiratory care board license, acupuncturist certificate, license or certificate for general real estate appraisers, residential real estate appraisers, pain management clinic owner/employee, trainee license for any approved board, Law Enforcement/criminal justice, public housing, and many more. 

Who can have an FBI background check?

In order to conduct an FBI background check, it MUST be a State of Ohio mandated background check.

  • People working with children or the elderly
  • People working in the DoDD field
  • Nurses
  • Firefighters/EMT’s
  • Pharmacy Technicians

What you will need to bring or know:

  • Valid Photo ID
  • If you need BCI, FBI, or Both
  • The reason for getting fingerprinted
  • The address and contact information where the results need to be mailed or sent

(We recommend bringing any letters, forms, emails, or documents you may have received from an employer or company requesting you have it done)

Our office hours for this service are Monday – Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm.  We accept cash, check, or credit cards.  The fee for the BCI check is $40, for the FBI check $40, and if you need both at the same time the fee is $65.