Frequently Asked Questions

OIADA's Frequently Asked Questions

First you must register for the Pre-licensing education class.

Refer to the BMV Website for the Used dealer application, complete and submit your application (with a copy of the training certificate and all required photos) to dealer licensing at PO Box 16521 Columbus, Ohio. 43216-6521.

You will need to submit the following photos:

  1. Lot/location showing at least 3500 sq. ft. for display area.
  2. Photo from across the street looking at the location.
  3. Posted business hours and posted phone number.
  4. Inside office space (at least 180 sq. ft.) with a desk, 3 chairs and a file cabinet.
  5. A phone on the office desk.
  6. Permanent sign including the exact name as registered with the Secretary of State and as on the license application.

**Additional photos may be requested depending on the layout of the property.

Yes, two licensed used motor vehicle dealers may share a location. A compliance form will be required. 

The certificate is valid for 6 months effective the date the class was taken.

As many as you want, however the BMV bases the number of plates you get at renewal on the number of cars sold.

A dealer must apply to transfer the title into the customer name within 30 days.

Dealer’s must notify the BMV in writing (form BMV 4372) within 15 days of the change and send it to:

Dealer Licensing 
PO Box 16521
Columbus, OH 43216-6521

Along with a photo of the newly posted hours on the building.