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OIADA Dinner & Texas Hold 'Em Tournament

OIADA Poker Tournament
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FRIDAY March 13th

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  1. March is typically a “crap shoot” when it comes to weather conditions; it may be freezing cold or it might seem like summer is only a few days away.  No matter which direction the weather goes, it’s hard to plan anything outdoors and most people are bored with staying at home.  We have the perfect solution!

    The annual Dinner & Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament is a great way to get out of the house for an evening, enjoy a great dinner, and compete with your fellow dealers to see who has the best luck making it to the final table.  Space is limited for the tournament so register early.  We have a great evening lined up; steaks off the grill (even if it’s cold outside), door prizes, 50/50 raffle, open bar, a lucky losers lounge, and of course the tournament.

    Dinner is held at the York Golf Course, 7459 N High St, Columbus, OH with registration starting at 6pm.  Contact our office for hotel information.

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