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Customer Proposal

  • Captures important customer information the dealership will need to complete a transaction.
  • Helps determine the customer's transportation needs.
  • Provides a framework for negotiating with the customer.

Trade-In Vehicle Appraisal

  • Captures information about the vehicle and its history.
  • Detects potential problems with the vehicle enabling it to be property evaluated.
  • Designed to ensure that information is available to represent the vehicle for sale.
  • Provides F&I product up sell opportunities and helps defend payment packing claims.

Test Drive Agreement

  • Obtains important customer information, including insurance coverage.
  • Protects dealerships' interest in the vehicle.
  • States the consumer's obligations, including compliance with applicable law.
  • States when the vehicle must be returned.
  • Limits who may drive the vehicle.

Privacy Policy

  • Enables Dealership to accurately disclose business practices.
  • Lists the types of information collected/shared with specific examples.
  • Lists the types of third parties receiving the information, with specific examples.
  • Discusses how the Dealership protects the confidentiality and security of information.
  • Contains the opt-out of information sharing not otherwise permitted law, if required.
  • Read More About Privacy...

FTC Used Car Buyers Guide

  • Required to be posted on all used motor vehicles prior to them being displayed or offered for sale.
  • Contains wording, type style, size and format, and is printed with 100% black ink on white paper of a size at least 11 x 7 ¼ inches, as specified in the Rule.
  • Contains Signature line with required disclosure.

Retail Purchase Agreement

  • Contains complete vehicle description.
  • Provides the ability to integrate all material understandings/documents.
  • States Dealership and customer obligations, rights & remedies.
  • Covers warranty statement & disclosure related issues.
  • Integrates FTC Buyers Guide information.
  • Includes individual State information and disclaimers.

Retail Lease Agreement

  • Retail Lease Agreement is to a lease transaction as the Retail Purchase agreement is to a purchase agreement.
  • Same issues apply here as the Retail Purchase Agreement, except the form is specifically designed for a lease transaction.

Used Vehicle Limited Warranty

  • Enables the Dealership to sell a vehicle with a “Limited” Warranty.
  • Discloses the following required information clearly and conspicuously, using a simple and readily understood language:
  • Who can enforce the warranty.
  • What is covered by the warranty.
  • What the warrantor will do if there is a defect.
  • Time period of the warranty duration.
  • Explanation of how to obtain warranty repairs.
  • Listing of any customer obligations.
  • Any limitation on implied warranties.
  • Exclusion/limitation of consequential damages.
  • Purchaser's legal rights.

Spot Delivery Agreements

  • Covers both sale and lease transactions.
  • Provides flexibility for both traditional and sub-prime financed transactions.
  • Is integrated into the Retail Purchase Agreement.
  • Specifies the time period the dealership has to obtain final financing approval and the customer's obligations if it is unable to do so.
  • Requires customer to have a valid driver's license and insurance coverage.
  • Requires customer to operate the vehicle in accordance with the law.

Authorization to Release Payoff Information

  • Ability to obtain non-public personal information.
  • Documents lien holder information
  • Documents quoted payoff
  • Describes obligations concerning payoff accuracy
  • Authorizes release of Title to Dealership.

F&I Product Purchase Confirmation

  • Confirms the purchase of products is optional and not required for financing.
  • Notifies the customer that the purchase may be subject to 3rd party approval.
  • Confirms the customer had an opportunity to review product documents.
  • Confirms the customer understands what they are purchasing and that all questions were answered.

Insurance Coverage Acknowledgement

  • Confirms Customer's obligation to maintain insurance coverage.
  • Sets forth the minimum coverage requirements and allowable deductibles.
  • Reinforces existing rights and obligations of the parties.

Delivery Confirmation (English & Spanish)

  • Records any items still owed to the customer.
  • Substantiates nothing else was promised.
  • Is properly integrated into the Retail Purchase Agreement.
  • Confirms consumer had an opportunity to inspect the vehicle and found it free from reasonably discoverable defects.
  • Verifies consumer is satisfied with the vehicle and understands the transaction.

Interpreter Acknowledgement Form

  • Provides a documented record an interpreter was present to explain the transaction.

Deal Jacket

  • Provides for easy storage of documents.
  • Assists dealership personnel in ensuring that the transaction is completed properly.
  • Captures information, which can help the dealership establish a bona fide error defense to consumer claims.
  • Provides dealership personnel with quick access to vital information about the vehicle and customer.

Goodwill Repair Acknowledgement

  • Enables the dealership to perform a “goodwill repair” without creating a warranty on the vehicle by:
  • Disclosing the "goodwill" nature of the repair to the customer.
  • Recording the customer's understanding that a warranty is not being created.

Deposit Receipt

  • Enables the Dealership to accept a deposit and provide a dated receipt containing the following information:
  • Vehicle Description (year, make, model & vin)
  • Cash selling price.
  • Time period the option to purchase is binding.
  • Whether the deposit is refundable and under what conditions.

Notice To Co-Signer

  • Confirms the individual agreed to act as a co-signer.
  • Discloses the obligations they are undertaking by agreeing to act as a cosigner.

Customer Delivery Checklist

  • Reinforces the Delivery Confirmation.
  • Confirms existing rights and/or responsibilities of the parties.
  • Confirms the consumer is satisfied with the vehicle and understands the transaction.
  • Provides information about the products and services offered by the Dealership.

Service Loaner Agreement

  • States the customer's obligations such as responsibility for damage, when the vehicle must be returned, who may drive the vehicle and requires compliance with the law.
  • In short, this is the customer's authority to operate the vehicle.
  • Test Drive or Demonstration Agreements should not be used for service loaner.

Arbitration Agreements - Enforceability depends upon the jurisdiction you are located in and how the Agreement is drafted. Factors to be considered include:

  • One-Sided provisions.
  • Excessive costs for the consumer.
  • Which parties and claims are covered.
  • Rules for the Arbitration proceeding.
  • Notice regarding right to file suit.