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Q: How do I get a license for a Used Car Dealership?
A: First you must register for the Pre-licensing education class on our Website at
Refer to the BMV Website for the Used dealer application, complete and submit your application (with a copy of the training certificate and all required photos) to dealer licensing at PO Box 16521 Columbus Oh. 43216-6521. 

Q: After I submit my application, how long will it take to get my license?
A: Typically 6-8 weeks.

Q: What photos am I required to submit with my application for a Used Car Dealer License?
- Lot/location (showing what is on both sides)

  • - Phone – Landline/cellphone on desk
  • - Posted hours of operation
  • - Inside office space (minimum 180 sq ft) showing a desk, 3 chairs and a file cabinet
  • - Permanent sign including phone number (must be the exact business name) Letters must be at least 6 inches tall

Q: Can more than one dealership be licensed at the same location?
A: Yes, the compliance form found on the BMV website must be completed. 

Q: How long do I have to submit the application after I complete the Pre-Licensing education class?
A: The certificate is valid for 6 months effective the date the class was taken.

Q: How many plates can I order for my dealership?
A: As many as you want, however the BMV bases the number of plates you get at renewal on the number of cars sold.

Q: How long does a Dealer have after the sale of a vehicle to transfer the title to the customer?
A: A dealer must apply to transfer the title into the customer name within 30 days.

Q: How do I change the business hours of my Used Car Dealership?
A: Dealers must notify the BMV in writing by sending the new hours to Dealer Licensing at PO Box 16521 Columbus Oh. 43216-6521 or go to for your specific county's phone number or Fax number. 

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